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How to Fix Cartridge Issues and Optimizing Your Brother Printer

Brother Printer Printers have been the most popular printer manufacturing brand, ever since it’s conception in the year 1937.  Having over 150 million users worldwide, Brother Printer provides peerless costumer care and service through the customer service agency that may be reached out through the Brother printer customer Support Number.

As always, the user may seek the customer base support through Brother Printer customer Support Number. Given below are some additional tips and tricks to help the user augment his or her experience –

•  Ink cartridge not detected

This is mainly due to the printing cartridge installed in the printer not getting detected. The printer uses an inbuilt function that verifies the integrity of the ink level in the cartridge. If the current level of ink falls below the margin, it automatically stops all printing operations and gives out a “low ink level” warning.

To manually disable this function users should do the following –

1.      Open the control panel
2.      Access the “Printers and Scanners” window by clicking on the said icon.
3.      Select the printing tab by clicking on it.
4.      Select “no” in the “Low Ink Warning” option.
5.      Click the apply button.

The setting for this feature is normally activated on an automatic basis, however in certain cases, the feature has to be deactivated manually. For any further assistance in this matter, the user may reach out to the customer care via the Brother Printer customer service Number.

• Ink Cartridge not detected (not recognized)

The Ink Cartridge inside the Brother Printer is sometimes not fixed properly, in which case the cartridge is not detected or “not recognized” and consequently, an error message pops up stating that the “printer cartridge is not recognized”.

Use of duplicate cartridges also contribute to this issue and may permanently seek to cause harm to the printing device, which is why users are highly recommended to use only genuine Brother Printer ink cartridges.

In order fix this issue, users should change the printer cartridge,. In order to do this, the following steps are to be performed –

1.      Open the Printer lid
2.      Open the cartridge panel
3.      Replace the existing cartridge with the new one
4.      Close the cartridge panel and the lid
5.      Restart the printer

The problem should be fixed however; it is highly recommended that the user replace the cartridge with only genuine Brother Printer cartridges. For any further assistance, the user may contact the customer care line through the Brother Printer customer Support Number

• Printing speed too slow

The speed of the printing in an inkjet printer is inversely proportional to the amount of ink used and applied to printing the text. Through the printer options in Brother Printer, users are able to modify the amount of ink to be used, so as to balance quality with speed. To set the options, users can alter the printer settings.
The following gives the necessary set of steps required to change the settings and expedite printing speed –

Go to Control panel –

1.      Open the Printers and Scanners window
2.      Locate the “print quality” tab
3.      Set the slider to “speed”

For any further enquirers, users are able to contact the customer service through the Brother Printer customer service Number.

•  Resolving the “no ink” issue

Falsely displaying the “no ink” notification is a common glitch that normally occurs when the cartridge of the printer is replaced, This may also occur if the cartridge replaced is not a genuine Brother Printer Ink Cartridge. This why, Brother Printer highly recommends using genuine cartridges to avoid any cartridge problems. The user or users may also rely on the following pointers –

1.       Open the Brother Printer
2.       Open the Cartridge Panel
3.       Take out the cartridge
4.       Locate the reset bottom at the bottom of the cartridge
5.       Place the cartridge back into the panel and close the lid.
6.      Restart the printer

If the “no ink” issue persists, users may reach the customer care through the Brother Printer customer Support Number.

•  Printer Not Detected

In case the “brother printer” is not detected by the system, the printer cable or the power connection cable may be faulty. To resolve this issue, the cables must be checked if they are functional. The users may perform the following steps to ensure that it is still functional.

1.       Check the connection outlet.
2.       Verify that the printer-system connection is working.

If the above two conditions are met, the printer should be fully operational and running. For any help with issues and/or queries the user may contact the Brother Printer customer service Number. If the issue is no resolved the toll free number may be contacted.