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How one can reach the AOL customer support Number?

AOL comes along when discussed about one of the oldest web based email service. In the current time the popularity of this mail service has declined because of invent of other email services like Gmail, Yahoo etc. Still the conventional users of AOL are still using it till date. The main reason for the reversal from AOL was poor navigation and slow navigation. However, the AOL team acknowledged that these shortcomings are overcome with time and assures smooth functionality of the features giving a new and refreshing look to its interface. Now the AOL mail is fast, fun and easy to use. They also provide good support service for paid users on AOL customer support number. If the user encounters any problem he can call the AOL customer care Phone Number and take the assistance of the support team to deal with the problem.

aol support number

AOL has put strenuous efforts to compete with the mail services of today’s time. It provides free mail service with unlimited web based storage. The spam protection feature is very good and other security features also make it a secure mail service. It also adds the integrated chat, calendar and social networking within mail for the ease of users. The AOL customer care Phone Number is there to assist you in case you face any inconvenience in handling the features.  Despite of the latest upgrade some import features are still missing from AOL mail such as: threaded mail, folder options, labels etc. Moreover, the advertisements are a major irritant for many users. If you have been using this mail service for long and need any assistance with setting it up on your mail client you can seek help from AOL customer support number.

Users  encounters problems using this email from time to time. This can happen due to some malware attack on your computer or due to other issues like lost password or hacked account. Whenever users suspect their account has been compromised they get in panic. There might be other issues which are not critical but need expert help to get a solution. If you are a free account user it is advisable to contact alternative AOL customer support number listed at online directory 247helpnumber. They help you to come out of your problems in a very short time.