Facebook 24/7 customer service Phone Number

There are several reasons why you would want to contact to Facebook customer support. It could be that your account has been compromised, perhaps you deleted your account without your permission, you might have a specific question about advertising or maybe you just need something else to ask. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide immediate relief because billions of the customers are accessing Facebook globally.

This is the only reason, the third party Facebook customer service providers come in to existance. They have state of art infrastructure and latest troubleshooting technologies. The experts have great exposure in handling simple to the most complex errors. They can fix it in very short period of time.

Suggesting & Most Appropriate Facebook Customer Support Way to find the Technical Solution

But the thing is the most of the customers don’t know how to contact to faceBook technical support team. Here, we are suggesting you steps to connect Facebook customer support & online service for your help.

  • Go to the Help Center. Click the blue arrow in the upper right corner of a Facebook page (like your home) and then at the bottom to "visit the help center."
  • Click "Report a problem". This is one of the six options.
  • Look for the kind of problem you want to report. On this page you will find several links that you can report problems of any conditions, intellectual property violations and more.
  • Give feedback. Facebook has no system to start a conversation by email, but you can share your thoughts by filling out a short form. This can help to bring about your problem.

After filling the support form for Facebook, if you still facing the same problem then contact to a third party technical support service provider. We are 100% sure that you will get the best possible support from there.

Call Facebook Customer Support Toll Free Phone Number

Phone Number:      855-557-9955
Call Time:              Any Time
Talk to human:        You can press 0 to leave a message
For online help:     Customer Service
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