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How Effectively Utilize Kindle to its Fullest Potential

The Kindle eBook reader by Amazon is cited to be the world’s most popular platform for users to store as well as read books in digitized formats, commonly referred to as eBooks. Kindle has an excellent customer support service, reachable through the kindle customer service, handling issues and queries with expert proficiency

Some important guidelines and features for operating Kindle include the following. Note that more advanced support can be gotten from the kindle customer service.

• Free eBooks

Users and readers are able to get some free eBook titles, available exclusively to its users. To access them –

1. Open the library
2. Click the free book titles that are available
3. Download the desired free eBook and access it

• Free Mobile Data

Kindle users are able to access free internet data through Kindle, for Kindle browsing

1. Open the Kindle store
2. Browse the various available eBooks and products with free internet.

• Book Cover

Kindle allows user to apply a book cover one  specific title

1. Open the book
2. Select the Settings panel
3. Select the required cover

• Adjusting Screen Brightness

Users may modify the level of brightness on their kindle screens, For more help the kindle customer service may be contacted

1. Open the Kindle reader
2. Press and hold the “+” button to increase the brightness or the “-“ button to reduce it

• Taking Screenshots

Kindle allows users to capture images of their screens and save them.

1. Open the desired page
2. Press and hold the opposite corners of the screen

As always, if the user requires more help, the kindle customer service Number may be dialed