How Can You Replace Ink Tanks on a Canon MP970 Printer?

Owning a Canon MP970 All-in-One Inkjet Printer is like having a full-fledged photo gallery at home. The printer’s advanced technology offers both those with experience and beginners to preview, copy, scan and print docs and images in a pleasant way. Color photographs look amazingly great at 9600 by 2400 color dpi while the printer’s 7 individual ink tanks produce awesome looking photos. Another advantage of the individual ink tank is the ability to replace only the tanks that are empty. If you want to fetch some more valuable tips on the matter, you can directly call the experts at Canon printer customer service Phone number easily. It is wise to consult an expert when you come across such messed up situations.

The blog includes the steps which are essential to follow when replacing Ink Tanks on a Canon MP970 Printer:-

1. Just check that the printer’s power cable is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Now, press the On/Off button placed in the upper left hand corner of the operations panel to turn the power on.

2. It is important to now press the Home button on the control panel. The Home Screen will be showed in the LCD panel. Now, press the left Function button to show the Current Ink Levels Screen. If the yellow dot with an exclamation mark is showed, then one or more ink is low on ink filling. Replacement is not important, but it is recommended that you have a replacement tank in reach. Or if you see a red dot with a white X is showed, then one or more ink tanks might have run out of the ink. So, these tanks should be replaced.

3. Now, open the paper output tray and lift the printer cover to the fully opened position. Wait while the print head moves to the middle.

4. It is important to notice the ink tanks with fast flashing ink level indicator lights. These are the tanks that need to be modified, you just need to press the corresponding ink tank and lift it straight up to detach from the printer. Place the empty tank in a plastic bag & set aside for proper disposal or for recycling.

5. Now, you to remove the replacement ink tank from the packaging. Now remove the protective layer from the ink tank and the cap from the bottom of the ink tank.

6. Place the ink tank into the empty slot and press down on the tank until it snaps into place. Make sure the ink level indicator lamp lights glows red. Repeat the steps 4, 5 and 6 for every additional vacant ink tanks.

7. Finally, lower the printer cover to the fully closed position. Wait till the print head moves to the right and for the printer to run an automatic print head cleaning procedure before attempt trying to print.

The steps are quite useful in getting the exact idea to replace Ink Tanks on a Canon MP970 Printer. But if you still feeling the need to get into the detail, you can call at canon printer customer service 24/7 number instantly.


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