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TurboTax is software used for tax preparation in America. It was created by Michael A. Chipman of Chipsoft in the mid-1980s and was later acquired by the Intuit in 1993. It is available in many versions such as TurboTax Deluxe and TurboTax Premier. Paying taxes are inevitable and to help you out in doing that TurboTax brings you their best services. Their customer support has primarily helped them in getting many customers around the world. Their customer service is reachable at TurboTax Phone Number and will provide you best services.

turbotax customer support number
The software is accessible for state income tax returns and federal income tax returns. The state income tax returns are released at the late end of the year. The federal income tax return is available at the beginning of the year. Whether you are a single mother or a dependent or own a home or not, TurboTax has you covered. After being mentioned by one of the Senator in the court that he had used this software to file his returns, TurboTax got its popularity. You can also call at TurboTax customer service Phone number to know more about the features of the software and how you can use it for your tax preparation.

Their AnswerXchange program has been started to answer all your queries related to the software. If you still have any issues regarding the software like installation issues, troubleshooting error or any other technical issues then you can call at TurboTax Phone Number to resolve your issues quickly. If the customer care numbers of TurboTax are not reachable or not answerable then you get in touch with online directories to get other numbers of TurboTax. is also an online directory which provides direct TurboTax customer service Phone number and other contact details. They also provide number of many other companies and offer instant customer support. They answer your calls quickly and make sure you get solutions to all your issues.

How to Reach Contact Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number

As Yahoo is the most advanced email programs on the web, Windows 8 and mobile devices, Yahoo Mail provides the option for unlimited storage, SMS texting, social networking and instant messaging to boot. Yahoo is free-form labeling along with the capability to enhance spam filter catch in order to catch junk even more effectively.

Offering a plethora of cost-free and premium services, which one can avail by calling up at Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number, in order to assist our clients to manage and fix their yahoo mail and other issues. Some technical problems are quite common with it, which may cause security error ,login error,security question error or even functioning error in the yahoo mail but with our instant support from experts at Yahoo Contact number, there is actually no threat to your account.

How to contact yahoo customer service number
If you are resetting the password and having some trouble in login then you can contact Yahoo Customer care Number and the technician is always available to help you in a positive manner.

Via Twitter

Via Facebook

Via Feedback Site

Via Quick Fix Tool

However, instead of using so many other options, the best way to resolve your issues is by giving a call to Yahoo Customer Support Number. And, if you don’t have their number, you can easily avail it from which is an online directory.

How to Correct QuickBooks Update Error 15215 & Server Not Responding?

QuickBooks by Intuit assists business in managing their accounts via convenient and easy-to-use account apps. It has become necessary for every small to medium sized businesses so that it becomes easier for the process of finance management and to decrease the need to employ many people. They simply help the businesses to use their resources efficiently. If the users want to contact the experts for getting any sort of help, they can reach them at QuickBooks Customer service, which is available 24×7 for them.

Intuit releases many updates to mobilize the software effectively. Downloading these updates is quite beneficial as the software remains updated with all the amazing features that could make your accounting processes go smoothly.


At times, an update shows an error in downloading for one or the other reasons. It can be because of not updating the software. In this blog, we will go through the steps and show some of the errors that cause unsuccessful update and solutions along with it:-

About QuickBooks Error 15233

The QuickBooks error 15233 comes when you are trying to download the QuickBooks update. The error can show an error message like ‘Cannot connect with QuickBooks Payroll’, or ‘QuickBooks update didn’t complete’, &‘VeriSign is out of date’.

QuickBooks Error 15215

This error also occurs while updating the QuickBooks software. The main cause of this error can be:

• Firstly, Corrupted Windows files
• Secondly, Internet Explorer not configured properly.
• And finally, Problems with the Internet Explorer signature verification.

Error Fixation:

• Firstly, Launch the Internet Explorer and click on the internet options then go to the advanced options and now click on the Settings Tab.
• Make sure that in the internet options of Microsoft Internet Explorer TLS 1.0 is rectified and TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are unchecked.
• Now you can try the update process all over again.

Still experience the error? Follow the steps below.

• Firstly, Uninstall QuickBooks software through the Control Panel from the Add and Remove Programs tab.
• Then, look for the Intuit folder and Rename it.
• It is recommended to download the ‘QuickBooks Clean Install Tool’ and run it smoothly.
• After this process, you can try reinstalling the QuickBooks software from the disk or the apt download link.
• After the download is finished you may now proceed with the update process.

Windows XP users

Windows XP users could face issues with the update as Microsoft’s update certificate results in the 15223 error.
To resolve this problem, you are needed to download the new root download from the official Microsoft’s site.

• Firstly, save the downloaded file on your desktop.
• Now, Double click on the saved file which is (GetRoot). Click on the Install Certificate and simply press the ‘next’ tab and subsequently finish.
• You may now start the QuickBooks update download process again.

If the steps are not satisfactory, you can dial QuickBooks customer support phone number to fetch valuable tips on QuickBooks to enjoy seamless working of the software.

How to uninstall QuickBooks Update easily?

QuickBooks assists in organizing and managing all your business finances. Like most of the Software’s, Quick Books installs occasional updates to repair all the tech related issues, add new features and patch security disadvantages. Update Agent always run behind your system when you boot the computer, the application searches for updates and install them when got them.
If the upgrade program causes any problem, you can remove it from the Startup folder or uninstall QuickBooks fully. With it, if you have any other queries or troubles related to the software, you can call the tech experts by dialing Quickbooks customer care phone Number instantly. So, enjoy and experience the unmatched services by getting utmost satisfaction every time.

quickbooks support number
The detailed steps:-
• Firstly, you have to click the ‘Start’ menu so that you can open the ‘Control Panel.’ If you are using the brand new version of Windows, the option for Control Panel will open on your screen instantly. But if you are using the older version, just make sure that you click on the ‘Settings’ button to search the ‘control Panel’ icon.

• Secondly, just in case you have forgotten to double click on either the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ or ‘PROGRAMS AND Features’ icon, depending on the version of the Windows OS.

• Also, you need to make sure that you have highlighted ‘QuickBooks’ from the list of programs installed on your computer.

• Now, you have to click on the ‘Remove’ button to completely and easily uninstall QuickBooks along with the updates that you have downloaded from the computer.

• As you proceed to the final step, just see that you have placed your QuickBooks installation CD in the computer’s CD or DVD drive. It is quite obvious that the installation utility will launch by itself.

• Lastly, click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward through the installation utility and reinstall QuickBooks on your PC. This will install only the original version, and not the updates that were not according to your tastes.

A quick removal process:-
• Firstly, Press ‘Windows-E’ on the keyboard.

• Now, Click on ‘Uninstall or change a program.’

• After that Choose ‘QuickBooks’ from the list of programs.

• And click on ‘Uninstall.’

• At last, just follow the prompts to complete the whole process.
If you have not understood the steps or the uninstallation process nicely, you can go and take help of the experts available at the help desk of QuickBooks. They are present 24×7 to help you in every difficulty and render you the desired solutions by dialing QuickBooks Phone Number. Apart from this, you can explore some trustworthy online web directories such as that offers the reliable numbers of the popular brand and the products.

How to Restore QuickBooks Files?

When the backup feature is utilized, a QBB file is created by Intuit’s QuickBooks software. These files cannot be read by any software package available to the average consumer. It is vital to realize that using the same version to restore the file as it was backed up is suggested and trying to restore a backup file (QBB) using an older version of QuickBooks, might not work. So, it is needed to have an installed version of QuickBooks.

Apart from this, the users can also take help from the QuickBooks experts available, by calling at QuickBooks customer support phone number, if any assistance needed. In this blog, we will go through the process of restoring a QuickBooks company file from a backup:

  • Firstly, the users should locate the file to be restored. This might be saved on a computer’s hard disk, an external hard drive, a recordable CD and a USB drive. It is recommended to ensure that the removable media used to back up the file is inserted into the computer.
  • Now, open QuickBooks
  • Pull down the File menu and choose to Open/Restore Company
  • Select Restore a backup copy and click “Next”
  • Then, Select Local backup and choose “Next”
  • Choose the backup file, i.e., (.QBB) you want to restore from the Open Backup Copy window or you can use the “Look in” feature as well to locate the file.
  • Click Open and then “Next”

QuickBooks customer care phone Number

Points to remember:

  1. If the user is restoring a backup file from removable media, the user needs to tell QuickBooks where to restore the file to. This is exactly done by clicking on the “Save In” arrow and searching the correct folder to restore the data on the hard drive.
  1. In some cases, where an upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks has been installed a message, will popup that says, “The data file needs to be updated to work with the version of QuickBooks.. Once the data file is updated to the new version, it will not work with previous version of QuickBooks again.”
  1. It is suggested that the users should create a duplicate copy of the older file format and store it separately from safety’s sake. If the users have any issues or they are unsure of what they are doing, it is advisable that they call the support department.
  1. When restoring older files, just make sure that you do not overwrite current files with an older one, wiping out the newer file and the current data. It is highly recommended to say “No” so that you make a backup of the current file before restoring the older file over it.

If you want to take any tips or want suggestions, you can simply call on QuickBooks customer care phone Number to get maximum benefits. The experts there are proficient and will guide you through any difficulty.

How To Fix Access Denied Error Message In Adobe Acrobat Reader

So many users of Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 may encounter an error when they attempt to open a PDF file from their email client such as Microsoft Outlook. An error may appear that says “There was an error opening this document. Access denied.” There is a simple fix for this error.

Follow These Steps To Fix Access Denied Error For Adobe Reader.

(Make sure you follow these instruction step by step )

1. From Acrobat Reader, select “Edit” > “Preferences“.
2. Select “Security (Enhanced)” on the left pane.
3. Uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode at startup” box.
4. Select “Yes” to the prompt about being sure about making this change.
Click “OK“.

After these steps hope get rid of access denied error message from Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just after you are done with the steps, you can be assured of the fact that your process has been successfully completed. However, if you face any errors while you are following the steps, the best thing that you can do is to get in touch with experts by giving a call to Adobe support phone number. Surely you get better assistance from Experts.

How To Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Into Moving GIF?

Facebook come out with a new update about GIF profile image after inspiring from the magical paintings in the Movies Series. Currently, only the iPhone users have the authorization to change the profile pic into Gif. As soon the update came out, the millions of users started using it for enjoying a new attractive display. The new re-design of the profile page lays a greater emphasis on pictures with the ability to design short bio. Even the Facebook help phone number informed the users about the new feature. However, the users can use the unique feature to replace the traditional profile picture with 7 second looping videos. Finally, FB users can enjoy the pleasure of using the animated GIF as a profile picture. The attempt went successful and the team rolled it out as a new feature.

facebook support

Steps to change profile picture into Gif (Only for iPhone users)

Step 1: Tap on the profile picture, just like you do every time to change the DP

Step 2: You will see an option, record.

Step 3: Click record to set a 7 second looping video as profile gif.

Step 4: You can even choose an existing video from the iPhone library to set as motion image.

Step 5: Click Post to update and you are ready to express yourself as gif

When the new display image is loaded successfully, then the DP will appear in the middle of the main page. It look attractive and unique in comparison with current Facebook profile picture’s. The new feature idea was inspired from the latest graphic design movies.  If you are looking to contact Facebook by phone and find assistance to change the DP into motion image, then go ahead. It’s assured you will get the friendly support. The only irritating fact about the feature is that you can’t use it on your Android device. Yes, just the iPhone owners have the power, but in the near future the Android users too can use the moving profile pic feature. Dial the Facebook customer service number listed here, to seek assistance from the live experts

Yahoo make disabled automatic email forwarding a feature

After the huge security breach, another news come out that Yahoo! has disabled automatic email forwarding a feature by which users forward a copy of incoming emails from one account to another. Since yahoo Disable this features it’s really hard for the user to leave yahoo. Some people having important information in their E-mail Accounts. Maybe that step taken to stop user to go to another E-mail Server.

The company has faced lots of bad news regarding its email service in past few weeks. Last month, the company admitted a massive 2014 data breach that exposed account details of over 500 Million Yahoo users. And Hacker’s don’t want to take Step Back from yahoo first in 2014 and Now, in 2016

If this wasn’t enough for users to quit the service, another shocking revelation came last week that the company scanned the emails of hundreds of millions of its users at the request of a U.S. intelligence service last year.

That’s enough for making a loyal Yahoo Mail user to switch for other rival alternatives, like Google Gmail, or Microsoft’s Outlook, AOL and Thunderbird Etc.

The move to turn off the email forwarding option could be an attempt to keep its customers’ accounts active because any damage to the company at this time is crucial when Yahoo seeks to sell itself to Verizon.

The Yahoo deal with Verizon has not yet closed, and Verizon Communications has asked for a $1 Billion discount off of Yahoo’s $4.8 Billion sales price.

“Sorry, the delete feature is currently unavailable. This feature will become available by the end of September,” the error message reads.

And this is the message you get if you trying to delete your Yahoo account now.

Go for Yahoo customer care phone number.




Things to Know About PDF and Photoshop

Adobe has showered us with some of the amazing products such as thePhotoshop, the Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop is a software where you can edit and compose images. PDF also known as Portable Document Format is a software with which you can present document independent of operating systems, application software, and hardware.Adobe is known for its trustworthy services and their users are significantly increasing due to it. Its customer services can be reached at Adobe customer support number and you can ask them for any query you need to know about the products offered by them.

PDF has many users from all over the world due to its remarkable features. You can edit the content written on it and can change it to word as well. It also facilitates the security option and you can add password to make it more secure. You can share the file with whom you want to and give them the password. No one will be able to access it without your permission since it will have password. There are also many tools available in PDF with which you can add comments, links and notes etc. You can call at Adobe support phone number to know more about the features of PDF and how to install it.

You can also add the hyperlink and people can directly visit after clicking on it. You can search for all watermarks with the search tools. You can also switch to excel and word with the professional edition. You can call at Adobe customer support number to know more about the PDF and Photoshop and get the latest edition for yourself. If the customers are numbers of Adobe are not reachable then you can take help from online directories to get other numbers of company. 247helpnumber is an online directory which can provide you direct Adobe support phone number and offers instant customer support.